Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What to expect during your first 6 week pottery session

Congratulations on signing up for pottery classes. It is always an exciting and daunting time for new students so, I am going to give you a breakdown of what to expect your first 6 weeks.

Week 1.

                I will greet you outside and lead you to the studio. I will give you an entry form and contract to fill out if you haven’t already filled one out. I will give you a storage area, tools, and clay. I will also give you a quick tour of the studio and an overview of studio practices.
                I will show you how to prep your clay for throwing and then demonstrate throwing while breaking it down into steps.
                After the demo you will have to opportunity to try throwing. I will walk you through the steps and may even position your hands accordingly.

Week 2.

                This week I back off and allow you to experience the clay. I will be here for questions but I really want you to work through the throwing process.

Week 3.

                I spend more time with you refining your technique and encouraging you.

Week 4.

                We have “the talk” in the glazing area. We will discuss glazing do’s and don’ts and again I will demo how to properly glaze your work. You are encouraged to have a notebook for this class and any time you are glazing.

Week 5.

                Glaze and wheel time.

Week 6.

                By week 6 you have probably decided whether you like pottery or if it is for the birds.
If you are not excited about pottery and feel like just chalking this session up to “I tried it once and it wasn’t for me”, then you should focus on glazing anything you have left. More than likely you will have something that will need to be fired so I will let you know when your pieces are done and you can come pick them up.

If you are excited about the process just keep making stuff and glazing your work when it is ready. Next class starts a new session and you just keep going.